Acne is emotionally draining it any age, it makes your confidence shrink and is highly common in both adults and teens.

There are many factors as to why you might develop acne after your teens, Things like diet, hormone changes, what products your using and stress are all contributing factors

We find in the clinic, That some of our new clients come to us feeling a little deflated because they have spent a lot of money, on a lot of products and treatments that hasn’t worked for their skin.

With acne it is never a case of one size fits all in relation to treatments and home-care, During consultation we ask about your lifestyle and daily routine, We will also with have a more in depth look at your skin and come up with a suitable treatment plan

Our most popular treatments for treating acne would be chemical peels or laser skin rejuvanation

Once breakouts are diminished we then can discuss acne scarring if needed

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