Red Carpet Facial

Price €40


The Red Carpet Facial is a 15 minute laser light facial and is perfect for that pre event glow, There is no downtime and results are visible straight away.

The red carpet facial instantly gives skin a collagen boost, kills bacteria and improves pore size and skin texture. Your complexion will look brighter, more radiant and glowing

Patch test required call us on (01) 846 4060




What does The Red Carpet Facial Consist of?

Our 4 step facial starts with a gentle enzyme based cleanser to slay off dead skin cells and remove any excess oil and debris,
Then our IPL laser penetrates below the skin’s surface for an all over rejuvenation, boosting collagen and brightening the complexion.
This is followed by a soothing hydrating face mask and of course your SPF

Is it painful?

No there is a slight heat sensation throughout the laser treatment, This is very mild and does not hurt

Do I need a patch test?

Yes a patch test is required before your treatment, This consultation is free of charge
Like any treatment, with certain medications and health conditions some people are not suitable for the treatment, This will be determined on consultation, if any queries you can call us (link to phone number)

Do you recommend a course?

Yes, like all treatments to see optimal results we do recommend a course of treatments. More information and options will be explained during consultation.