Skin Concerns & Solutions

Best care for your skin

Consultation – 30 minutes

Here at The Skin Boutique each treatment is tailormade so you can achieve the best results possible.
This is done through consultation with one of our Skin Experts.


Your Skin Concern Our Solution
Acne Laser Treatments / Skin Peels
Acne Scarring Rejuvapen/Laser
Under Eye Concerns Venus Freeze
Lines & Wrinkles Venus Freeze
Ageing Skin Frax Laser
Loose Skin Venus Freeze
Dehydrated/ Dull Skin Facial/Peels
Oily/Blackheads/Congested Skin Facial/Peels
Facial Red Veins/Redness/ Rosacea IPL Laser
Pigmentation/  Sun Damaged Skin Laser Photo Rejuvenation
Leg Veins Nd: YAG laser
Ageing Hands Laser Photo Rejuvenation
Excess Hair Laser Hair Removal
Stretch Marks Rejuvapen/ Frax Laser
Cellulite Venus Freeze
Anti-aging A-Lift/ Rejuvapen/Venus Freeze
Nail fungus Nd:YAG LASER
Scarring Rejuvapen/ Frax Laser
Port Wine Stains Nd:YAG Laser

Your Skin Concern & Our Solution

Acne – Laser Treatments / Skin Peels
Acne Scarring – Rejuvapen Laser
Under Eye Concerns – Venus Freeze
Lines & Wrinkles  – Venus Freeze
Ageing Skin – Frax Laser
Loose Skin – Venus Freeze
Dehydrated/ Dull Skin – Facial/Peels
Oily/Blackheads/Congested Skin – Facial/Peels
Facial Red Veins/Redness/ Rosacea – IPL Laser
Pigmentation/Sun Damaged Skin  – Laser Photo Rejuvenation
Leg Veins – Nd: YAG laser
Ageing Hands – Laser Photo Rejuvenation
Excess Hair – Laser Hair Removal
Stretch Marks – RejuvapenFrax Laser
Cellulite – Venus Freeze
Anti-aging – A-LiftRejuvapen/Venus Freeze
Nail fungus – Nd:YAG LASER
Warts – Nd:YAG LASER
Scarring – RejuvapenFrax Laser
Port Wine Stains – Nd:YAG Laser